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Mash Treat Flax seed Apple Lemon balm

Mash Treat Flax seed Apple Lemon balm

A precooked mash. Add warm water and the mash is ready (1kg of mash + 1l of water). It contains steamed flaxseed, pre-cooked cereals, and lemon balm, that we grow in Val Liona (Italy) without any use of chemicals. It is natural and appetizing and has a unique aroma.

When mixed with warm water the flaxseed mucilage forms. Precooked cereals and fruit hydrate, becoming a delicious and beneficial meal. (In hot water, set aside for 5 to 10 minutes to rehydrate and cool off).

COMPOSITION: Wheat bran Flour, Barley flakes, puffed Wheat, precooked Floxseed Flour (10%), blown Corn, Apple slices (1.5%), Lemon Balm leaves (0.1%), Papaya bits

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Moisture 11,01% - Crude protein 13,18% - Crude fats 7,05% - Crude Fiber 8,22% - Raw ashes 4,75%.

ZOOTECHNICAL ADDITIVES: Stabilizers of the intestinal flora Lactobacillus acidophilus 600000 ufc/kg.


USAGE: prepare 1 or 1/2 kg of mash in a bucket and add 1 or 2 litres (quart) of very warm water,depending on whether you want to get a more consistent or softer mash. Wait 5 minutes and give to the horse when lukewarm.

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